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Does anybody else find it ironic that Brad Pitt’s production company is named Plan B Entertainment????



Lindsay Lohan.. the woman has no poetry in her soul

"I am happy being able to play roles with people my age because once you do something really mature there is no turning back."

Because getting arrested for multiple DUIs, seeking treatment for drug addiction, breaking probation, and returning to rehab are all acts of maturity…

"I don’t like to talk about politics. If you say you’re a Democrat, that’ll turn off Republicans, and that’s half of your fan base."

What happened to advocating your individuality? Most of Tinseltown is very liberal anyway, which makes for socially intriguing as well as stretching-the-truth and pushing-the-envelope films created by filmmakers who aren’t ashamed nor afraid of sharing their views, materializing their opinions on camera while entertaining. It’s really beautiful, it’s an artist’s dream, if you ask me. I find the best films (granted, they spent their millions wisely and had creative visionaries implement their mindchild) to be the ones that make a statement, those who really went all out, embraced a message, you know?

Check out (if you haven’t already) these films that present a socially relevant issue and just run with it, it’s inspiring, it’s what I want to do with my films someday:

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